“Lillian, your work shows integrity, honesty, and sensitivity.”

~HB Studio

Lillian Rey

Actor & Lifestyle Model / Non-Union

Age Range: 50-60 Height: 5’7 ½ Dress: 4  Shoe: 9 ½ Email: info@lillianrey.com

Hair: Salt & Pepper/Blonde Ombre Eyes: Green


Women Who Defy Age      Featured Guest                               Dr. Oz

Uncovering Skin                  Model / Principal Actor                Discovery Health Channel


Shadow of a Man           Femme Fatale/Supporting              Iron Horse Films/ Reuben Rodriguez, Director

Upper Valley                   Newspaper Reporter / Support     Indie Film

Bella                                  Upscale Prostitute / Lead                NYU Student Film

The Purple Vase            Upper East Side Wife / Support     NYFA Student Film


Love Loss & What I Wore 4 Monologues 5 Scenes/Lead   Pioneer Production Company NJ

Speak the Good English    Betty/Monologue/Lead              Equity Library Theater Playwriting Festival 2018 NYC

Factory Treasure                 Marilyn/ Lead                               Players Club Short Film Festival NYC 2018

Twelve Angry Jurors          Juror 4/ Stockbroker/ Lead      AlphaNYC Theater Company NYC

The Vagina Monologues   Monologue/ The Flood/Lead    M.PoWeR Productions NJ

The Waters Edge                Stage Reading/ Wife/Lead        Millennium Film Arch, NYC

Voiceover/ Radio/ New Media

Religions in NJ Doc.          Host, Interviewer, Writer                                Videotek/NJ.orgTV

Dinner Party Gone Bad     Inprov/Lead                                                         Videotek/NJ.orgTV

Active English                      Voiceover/Lead                                                    Linguamaster

Wellness Pod Casting        Voiceover/Writer                                               Montclair State University

Getting Intimate                  Internet Weekly Radio Host/ Producer      Gyroscope GS Radio

Well-Cam                               Host/ Producer                                                   YouTube


Conflicts Available Upon Request


Conflicts Available Upon Request


Acting 2: HB Studio/ Michael Beckett

Speech 2: HB Studio/ Theresa McElwee

Method: Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute / Bill Balzac, Stephen Michaels, Chad Burton, Dan Grimaldi

Acting for Film & Television: Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute / Gigi Van Deckter

Commercial: School for Film & Television / Richard Lawson

Shakespeare: Frog & Peach Theatre Company / Ted Zurkowski: Artistic Director

Media Presentation Training: On Camera..and off, Inc./ Larry Conroy

Montclair State University: B.A./Communications/Public Speaking Concentration 

Special Skills

Aerobics, Cyclist (Street and Mountain) (Barre Method, Billiards, Bowling, Canoeing, Equestrian-English/Western, Aesthetician (Licensed), Fishing, Frisbee, Hairdresser (Licensed), Hiking, Kayaking, Licensed driver (stick shift), Holistic Nutritionist (Graduate Degree), Keynote Speaker, Mixed Martial Arts, Motorcycle Riding (Licensed), Ordained Reverent, Ping-Pong, Rock Climber, Running, Shooting-Revolver-Rifle, Snow Skiing, Softball, Swimming, Teleprompter,Tennis, Volleyball, Weight lifting, Yoga