Lillian Rey

"I first met Lillian at a NYC Bodypainting Day and was immediately taken with her positive and fearless spirit. As I came to know and work with her, I admired how life's adversities only seem to propel her to higher levels, and she has made an art of constantly reinventing herself. She is a pleasure to work with, and that fearlessness comes into play at every photo shoot, channeling a wonderful, creative energy." April Anderson for the Art As Air Project

"I got to capture Lillian's many sides on our photoshoot together. Who she is, and who she could become. She poses with awareness of the energy surrounding her. Ready to tell a story, and listen to yours. Then disappear and go do something creative. In a lot of ways, it's exactly who Lillian is." ~Josefina Hunter

Lillian Rey is redefining what it means to be active, healthy, and beautiful at any age. She’s a professionally trained New York City actor and model, and she studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute as well as the School for Film & Television. She’s also an academic and a former small business owner, holding degrees in communications, holistic nutrition, and metaphysical science, and professional certifications in hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, muscle testing, acupuncture, and ozone therapy. Rey is also licensed in cosmetology and esthetics and is the former Director of Education at a wellness body and skin care line.

Rey’s message about healthy living appeals to men and women of all ages—something her popular articles have proved time and again. Lillian Rey is passionate about acting, modeling, nutrition, exercise, beauty, and empowering people to live their best lives, and that mission takes center stage in everything she performs, writes, and produces.

In her free time, Rey enjoys running, hiking, reading, yoga, watching movies and continuing to hone her acting skills in performance classes and workshops in New York City.

Lillian is currently working on "Shadow of a Man" in the supporting role of  Femme Fatale "Mrs. Mason", directed by Reuben Rodriguez at Iron Horse Films, and numerous modeling and commercial productions.