How to Change Valentine’s Day Expensive and (let’s admit it) Rather Worn-Out Routine

Lillian Rey

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. For many people, this holiday means last-minute shopping for glittery cards, overpriced flowers, and sugar-packed chocolates, but if you and your partner are getting tired of this expensive and (let’s admit it) rather worn-out routine, you’re in luck. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be kitschy or unhealthy. Instead, here are three easy strategies for transforming February 14th into a healthier, sexier, and memorable holiday for you and your SO.

#1: Change up your routine.

Why It Works: If Valentine’s Day feels the same as every other day for you and your partner, you can’t expect the day to be particularly memorable or that your sex life will magically be full of novelty and passion. Even though the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, try rearranging your daily routine for this special occasion—get up early to cook a healthy breakfast together, arrange to meet at the gym after work, or spend the evening making a home-cooked meal together. Arthur Aron, a professor of psychology at Stony Brook University and his colleagues published a study that found couples who spent time jointly doing new and exciting activities were more satisfied with their relationships. Anything you do to interrupt your regular routine and spend more time with one another will make the day more memorable and will have a positive effect on your intimacy and sex life as well.

#2: Treat yourselves.

Why It Works: When you take care of yourself, you’ll feel more confident, and confidence does wonders for your sex drive according to the Mayo Clinic. The better you feel about yourself, the sexier you’ll feel! On or before Valentine’s Day this year, spend some time doing whatever puts a little spring in your step, whether that’s a new outfit, a haircut, or a new fragrance. If you and your partner have similar pampering interests (hello, couple’s massage), then make the time to treat yourselves together. Afterwards, you’ll both feel refreshed, and you can take your newfound energy with you to the bedroom.

#3: Move your body.

Why It Works: This Valentine’s Day, try doing something active with your partner. Exercise can improve every aspect of your life, including your sex life. Moving your body regularly produces important brain chemicals that make you feel more alert and happy, which can make sex with your partner feel new and more enjoyable. The American Council on Exercise states that “Sexual function is affected by general health, and the more you can do to improve your health by taking good care of yourself, the better your sex life can be.” So, come February 14th, leave the chocolates and movies behind for a while and get moving. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, take a workout class that you both enjoy, or try a new routine at the gym together. You can reward yourselves with a few indulgent sweets later, but I think you’ll find that spending active time together in the fresh air is sweeter than any candy.

It’s easy to get stuck in holiday ruts, following the same generic and uninspiring traditions every year, but this Valentine’s Day could be your chance to start new, healthier, and sexier traditions with your partner. This year, look for new and better ways make each other feel good, and I promise that your Valentine’s Day celebrations will never be the same.

Photographer: Josefina Hunter 

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